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The Idea Of Generational Change

The nucleus of the promoters of our Party are young political activists in the private sector. They had aims of assisting competent and right thinking youth into elective public offices, since 5th December, 2009.


The Idea Of The Party

By 28th October, 2014, it was obvious that the political space was restricted to lackeys of political godfathers, which include technocrats without any interest or knowledge of politics. In essence, the political space is devoid of our nation’s best hands. Whilst, a government is a reflection of the quality of the political class. Consequently, the idea of a youth party to expand the democratic space for generational shift in political leadership; provide equal opportunity to quality basic education, healthcare and social housing groom; train future leaders on adherence to democratic norms and internal democracy; provide effective and constructive opposition; and develop policies to move the country forward was born.


The Heavy Lifting

The large part of 2015 was devoted to developing the working papers of the Party particularly the manifesto and constitution. Also, the brand guidelines including logos and motto for the Party was developed. Subsequently, recruitment of founding members commenced.


The Execution

The inaugural meeting to adopt the name, logo, motto, manifesto, constitution and elect the National Executive Committee was held on 29th October, 2016, at the De Bently Hotel, F.C.T., Abuja. Subsequently, application was made to INEC and the Party’s name was rejected.


The Party Name Challenge

In March, 2017, the Party went to court to challenge legality of the rejection of their adopted name. Judgment was granted on 18th October , 2017. affirming the position of the Party.


The Registration

In 2018, the name was accepted by the Independent National Electoral Commission. And, the Party have since complied with all other laid down criteria: payment of fees, verification of application and others by 19th February, 2018.


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