Key Concepts: Economic growth, Economic Management, Wealth inequality, Economic Diversification, Small Businesses, Decentralization of Government, Subsidies, Pro-Competition and Elimination of Consumption

Key Concepts: Privatization, Compulsory Basic
Education, Diversification of Education Tax to
Basic Education, Grant for Indigent University
Students, Scholarship, improved careers in
schools and vocational learning.

Key Concepts: Women participation, gender
equality, equal pay, gender bias.

Key Concepts: Wealth redistribution, social
mobility, disabilities, primary health care and
reduction of maternal mortality rate.

Key Concepts: Mobility demand, modal shift,
fuel efficiency, research and development,
town planning, public private partnership,
deregulated gas pricing, off grid electricity
power generation, transmission and
distribution, and social housing.

Key Concepts: Clean environment, proper
emission control, waste treatment, control
of noise pollution, and sanctions for
environmental pollution.

Key Concepts: Food security, food quality and
safety, research and development, and private
sector involvement.

Key Concepts: State Police, improved welfare
for the Police, intelligence driven investigation,
crime scene management, development of
forensic units, technology driven policing,
crime prevention and restorative justice,
community policing, social and environmental
causes of crime.

Key Concepts: Devolution of powers to
the States, Age reform, Civic Education,
Decentralization, Uwais Report.

Key Concepts: global co-operation, conflict
prevention, democracy, and economic