Who We Are

The Youth Party is made up of individuals and groups that seek to serve and unite Nigerians. Our goal is to develop and improve the standard of living of all Nigerians.
We will achieve this through:

Service Oriented Political Leadership

The Youth Party believes in service oriented political leadership for a new Nigeria. Nigerian politics has largely been driven by self-interest at the expense of public service and national interest. We are devoted to ensuring the provision of basic social amenities for all Nigerians. Our goal is to close the current wide gap between the rich and the poor, and to ensure that there is a safety net for the poor in terms of basic social amenities like health care, social housing and decent basic education.

Transparent Political Leadership And Followership

The Youth Party espouses transparent political leadership and followership that
eschew money politics, bribery, violence, rigging, repression and corruption. Currently, the high stakes for the control of power, amassing of personal wealth and the advancement of the interest of extended families do not encourage detachment, equanimity or commitment to the rules of democracy. The Youth Party is focused on true democratic principles and values, and not what the system can produce for the individual in power. We are committed to, and will advance the democratic system and transparency.

Fostering A New Crop Of Leaders

The Youth Party is focused on organizing Nigerian youth politically to play leading
roles in the politics that will shape the future of the country. For too long, the politics of Nigeria has been controlled largely by septuagenarians and octogenarians, who ruled the country in their twenties and thirties but are now driven by considerable ethnic and religious prejudices and self-interest, at the expense of the future of the
Nigerian youth have shown exceptional capacity in several areas of public affairs and private business. Nigerian youth have also taken a keen interest in governance and affairs of their fatherland. However, the political space is too restrictive for the Nigerian youth to play a leading role in politics. Our goal is to pave way for new political leaders who have a deep sense of public service and commitment to high standards of integrity and austerity in place of acquisitiveness and exhibitionism.


The Youth Party believes in the institutional role of political opposition in a healthy democracy. Currently, the political parties have sacrificed discourse on important socio-economic issues at the altar of politics, negative propaganda and violence. We believe in the value of true discourse, and aim to extend the bounds of political involvement to include well-meaning citizens of the country and not just professional

One Nigeria

The Youth Party is a New Generation Party for One Nigeria. We are dedicated to forging unity and serving all Nigerians by adhering to genuine democratic values. Currently, Nigerians are being done a disservice by the divisions along ethnic or religious lines. The Youth Party seeks to change the status quo with the support and participation of all Nigerians, united under a common goal for the advancement of a new Nigeria.