For Nigeria:

  • To support and advance the cause of democracy as a set of sacred principles and values by shunning violence, money politics, bribery, ethnic and religious divisive politics
  • To devolve powers equitably between the Federal, State, and Local Governments in the spirit of federalism
  • To develop political leaders and ideas that focus on public service and national interest with commitment to high standards of integrity and austerity
  • Engage, when not in government, in effective opposition role with focus on ideas that will advance socio-economic development of Nigeria


For Nigerians:

  • To develop an equitable society, with the provision of social amenities particularly quality basic education, universal health care and social housing for the poor.
  • Encourage the Nigerian youth to be organized politically to determine the Nigeria of their future
  • To create a new Nigerian personality who will be patriotic, altruistic, transparent and committed to due process and rule of law in governance, industry and other spheres of our national life