Suspend the NIN registration now. The lives of millions of Nigerians are at risk.

Suspend the NIN registration now. The lives of millions of Nigerians are at risk.

As hospitals are now being crowded with COVID-19 patients, government and citizens alike must avoid crowded places that could serve as super-spreaders of the virus.


The National Identity Card registration points across the country is a typical case in point. The crowds at those centres are not only worrying but could be potentially catastrophic as very little attention is being paid to social distancing and other precautionary measures.


If the government insists on the announced deadline for the registration, then it must seek ways of eliminating the red tapes and partnering with relevant institutions (or the private sector) that will bring registration points close to the doorsteps of most Nigerians.


This will make the process seamless and efficient – without mentioning the thousands of jobs that will be created.


However, if the government remains adamant in its approach, then it must suspend the registration until the coronavirus has been effectively contained. Our country can avert a major health crisis by applying a common-sense approach.

7 Factors that have contributed to Nigeria’s infrastructural deficit

7 Factors that have contributed to Nigeria’s infrastructural deficit

According to the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Mrs Zainab Ahmed Nigeria needs an estimated sum of $100 billion annually to address the infrastructural decay in the country. While the Youth Party has proposed several ways of boosting Nigeria’s revenue base, it is important to highlight some of the factors that have led to this infrastructural decay. They are:

1.Awarding of contracts to companies that lack the capacity and expertise to effectively execute the project.

2. Diversion of scarce resources needed to solve infrastructural problems.

3. Wasting public funds on white elephant projects that contribute little or nothing to the economy

4. Poor socio-economic conditions that discourage private capital and foreign investments.

5. Inflation of contracts and huge corruption in the various ministries responsible.

6. The lack of accountability and transparency in the budgeting, awarding and supervision of infrastructure projects.

7. Waste ensued from the growing number of abandoned projects from past administrations and the failure of successive governments to continue the


The Abia Local Government Elections was a sham. We demand a re-run.

The Abia Local Government Elections was a sham. We demand a re-run.

On Saturday 18 December 2020, elections were scheduled to elect local government chairpersons and counsellors across the 17 local governments in Abia state. The Youth Party was on the ballot with three credible candidates in Bende local government to compete for counsellorship seats in item ward A, D and Ajayi Ward A.


Unfortunately, the Abia State Independent Electoral Commission sabotaged the entire process. Election materials did not arrive until very late in the evening in most of the local governments. And when it did, the materials were either grossly inadequate or above the registered voters in the affected polling unit. Sadly, materials never arrived Bende local government where our candidates were supposed to compete.


Worth mentioning, also, was the dubious process of accreditation. None of our party agents witnessed the accreditation of voters using the official voters’ register. It was a chaotic exercise, fraught with irregularities and rigged in favour of the Peoples’ Democratic Party.


Not to mention the conflicting role played by men of the Nigeria Police some of whom were caught on tape intimidating innocent voters.


These anomalous situations deterred thousands of eligible voters from exercising their democratic right. The glaring incompetence of ABSIEC was aptly captured in a statement issued by Hon Benjamin Kalu, Chairman of the House Committee on Media and Public Affairs. He said “No polling unit in Bende local government area opened for accreditation. There were no voters register anywhere in the polling units. It wasn’t just that the election was rigged. In this case, there was no election.”


The Youth Party, therefore, demands that a fresh election is held. This time, however, the process must be devoid of manipulation and irregularities. The ABSIEC should seize the opportunity that a fresh election provides to not only redeem its image but to restore the confidence of the people in the electioneering process. If the Abia state government refuses to cancel this election, we will have no other option than to seek redress in court.


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Press Release – Ondo Election

The Youth Party is set to conduct its Primary Elections in preparation for the gubernatorial elections in Ondo State in line with the Electoral Act (2010) (as amended) and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) guideline.

Here is to announce that the Youth Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has issued guidelines for the conduct of the Party’s primaries for the Gubernatorial Elections in Ondo State in conformity with the INEC Guidelines on the conduct of party primaries.

Furthermore, in compliance with the Electoral Act (2010) (as amended) and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) guideline the Timetable and Schedule of activities for the conduct of the 2020 Governorship Primary Elections in Ondo is as follows:








1. Sale of Forms      13th July – 15th July, 2020 
2. Screening      16th July – 17th July, 2020
3. Appeals       18th July – 19th July, 2020
4. Governorship Primaries        

       20th July, 2020

5. Appeals arising  from Primaries         21st July, 2020


The Party has made Nomination and Expression of Interest Forms available at the National Secretariat and State Offices from 13th July – 15th July, 2020. 

Find below the fees for the Purchase of Forms:

S/N Position Expression of Interest Form Nomination Form
1. Governorship N100,000 N1,000,000


The Youth Party primaries guideline and further information are available on the Party’s website: VIEW HERE

Kindly note that the primaries as stated above will be conducted on the basis of One Member One Vote (OMOV); no delegates or super delegates. All party members are entitled to vote. Our Nomination Forms are affordable. Voting will be innovative and convenient as we are adopting electronic means: online and SMS. It will be secured, monitored by candidates and INEC, and secret as required by the law. The guidelines for the primaries are open and accessible for transparency. The members’ list/voters list for each constituency or elective position will be available to all aspirants without discrimination.

The Party is committed to expanding the democratic space by providing a level playing field for all aspirants on its platform. We encourage anyone who aspires to contest in a free and fair primaries to join the Party at Likewise, persons interested in voting for a candidate of their choice in a party primaries without fear or favour, are encouraged to join the Party. The Party preaches transparent political leadership and followership that frowns at money politics, bribery, violence, ‘short termism’, repression and corruption.


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Press Release – Our Government is Broke

Our revenue to GDP ratio is disturbingly low. In the last decade, Nigeria’s Tax to GDP ratio has recorded its highest and lowest ratios at 9.6% in 2011 and 5.3% in 2016, currently at 8%. It is the second lowest in Africa and fourth lowest in the world.[3] South Africa is 29%, Ghana 18%, Egypt 15% and Kenya 18%[4]. The average Tax to GDP ratio for OECD countries is 34%.[5] According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), evidence shows that at 3%-4% GDP ratio, Nigeria’s non-oil revenue have been one of the weakest worldwide, reflecting, weakness in revenue administration system and systemic non-compliance.

We cannot adequately fund our priorities – our police, our schools, our military and health. We need to raise government revenue capacity in order to address these urgent critical spending needs.

Consequently, Youth Party is constrained to release its revenue plan titled ‘Bold Revenue Plan for Nigeria’. The underlying philosophy of the plan is increasing our tax base, whilst reducing tax rates to attract investments and encourage tax compliance.  We intend to raise $US 30bn within 3years. Specifically, we are going to reduce our consolidated corporate tax from 34.5% to 22.5%; reduce the average oil tax to 70% onshore, 80% deep water, 25% frontier basin, 25% transitional to be competitive; restrict subsidy to public transport; reduce cost of governance by implementing the Oronsaye Report and the cost of running NASS; divest 20% of the 49% FGN equity in NLNG and 20% of FGN equity in Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Ltd (NPDC)  to raise $US19.5bn; increasing the revenue to GDP ratio of 8% to 14%; amongst others.

We intend to ring fence and dedicate to specific capital projects, through a trusted Sovereign Wealth Fund, the $US19.5bn expected to be raised from partial divestment of FGN’s equity in NLNG and NPDC, in order to rescue our broken critical public infrastructure and services,  in the following manner:

  1. Recruit, re-train and re-tool the Nigerian Police to improve the capacity to protect and secure lives and properties with at least $US 3bn;
  2. Build high speed rail lines connecting the 6 geo-political zones with $US 9bn;
  • Recruit, retrain and re-tool basic education Sector to the tune of $US 5bn
  1. Revamp our public health sector with $US 2.5bn;


You can download our Bold Revenue Plan on our Website here

We will be presenting our Plan to the public on Sunday, 22nd March, 2020, at the Civic Centre,  Lagos, at 4pm, prompt ,where experts would be discussing, sharing ideas, critiquing based on our plan. Most importantly, we will be seeking a consensus on the way forward in fixing our national revenue being a critical part of governance. This event is part of our efforts in discharging one of our fundamental objectives as a political party to develop policies to improve the lives of Nigerians. Our other fundamental objectives being a vehicle for winning political offices and serving as effective opposition to bad government policies/alternate government when not in power.

You can register for the event here

Thank you

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A Bold Revenue Plan for Nigeria

The Youth Party is made up of individuals and groups that seek to serve and unite Nigerians. The Youth Party was created as a solution to the conundrum that the Youth, the biggest voting mass in Nigeria, have no voice in the governance of Nigeria. ‘Youth’ is an umbrella term that not only represents a generational change in Nigerian politics but new ideas and approaches to politics in Nigeria and the persons who recognize the importance of these ideals. If ever we intend to take charge of Nigeria and build the country and the future we want, this is our opportunity to do so.

Currently, political parties have sacrificed objective discourse on important socio-economic issues at the altar of politics, negative propaganda and violence. We believe in the value of objective discourse, and aim to extend the bounds of political involvement to include well-meaning citizens of the country and not just professional politicians.

The Youth Party strongly believe that political organizations goes beyond just canvassing for votes and winning elections – we must build political consciousness, active citizenship and serve as an
alternate government when not in power. In a political system where everyone criticism is largely based on personalities, the Youth Party believes in the institutional role of political opposition in a healthy
democracy. We are focused on the real issues and how Government policies affect our lives. We believe Nigerians deserve an informed choice and by doing so, we state our positions on important policy questions, especially to provide an alternative to the current position of whichever party is in power and what we would do if elected, which is the aim of this document.

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YP challenges INEC’s illegal attempt to deregister the Youth Party

YP challenges INEC’s illegal attempt to deregister the Youth Party

The attention of Youth Party has been drawn to the announcement by the Independent National Electoral Commission (“the Commission”) on 6th February 2020, listing the names of 18 political parties as the only duly registered parties in Nigeria. This act purports to exempt Youth Party as a duly registered political party in Nigeria.


The Painful Process

Youth Party began the process to be registered as a political party in Nigeria in January 2017, a registration process that ought to have taken one month according to the Nigerian Constitution and INEC’s own published rules. For over one year, INEC frustrated that process by refusing to register the party under our chosen moniker.

The Youth Party then sued INEC to court, receiving a Judgement of the Federal High Court, Abuja on 18th October 2017 instructing INEC to register us. Following the said judgement, INEC refused to register the party until 16th August 2018, just two days before the commencement of the primary elections for the 2019 electoral process.

As a result of the Commission’s delay in registering Youth Party, a good number of party members who were interested in vying for elective positions moved to other registered political parties. This delay by INEC robbed Youth Party of the opportunity to adequately prepare and participate in elections at all levels of government in Nigeria in the 2019 elections.



Youth Party subsequently learnt about the Commission’s intention to deregister political parties and commenced a suit against the Commission at the Federal High Court Abuja on 8th January 2020. Youth Party filed a Motion on Notice seeking to restrain the Commission from deregistering the Party. The Commission has been served with the Court Processes on 15th January 2020 and the matter is scheduled to come up on 27th February 2020.

In view of the foregoing, the act of the Commission, “deregistering” Youth Party during the pendency of the Suit is illegal. This move is aimed at restricting the democratic space by creating barriers to participation in the electoral process.

Youth Party is calling on the Commission to retrace its steps and include Youth Party in the list of registered political parties. We will be pursuing the legal process to its full conclusion. We have also begun an extensive communications campaign to ensure that the public is aware of this attempt to deny Nigerians of their rights to have choices in elections.


 We need your help…

This is one of the most important political battles for the future of Nigeria. We call on all members and supporters of Youth Party to rally together and support us at this time.

How can you help?

We are working hard to get Youth Party back on the registered Parties list. We have achieved so much within the little time we have been registered and with your help, we WILL get through this.

The journey to shape the future of Nigeria has only just begun.


– Youth Party