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A Bold Revenue Plan for Nigeria

The Youth Party is made up of individuals and groups that seek to serve and unite Nigerians. The Youth Party was created as a solution to the conundrum that the Youth, the biggest voting mass in Nigeria, have no voice in the governance of Nigeria. ‘Youth’ is an umbrella term that not only represents a generational change in Nigerian politics but new ideas and approaches to politics in Nigeria and the persons who recognize the importance of these ideals. If ever we intend to take charge of Nigeria and build the country and the future we want, this is our opportunity to do so.

Currently, political parties have sacrificed objective discourse on important socio-economic issues at the altar of politics, negative propaganda and violence. We believe in the value of objective discourse, and aim to extend the bounds of political involvement to include well-meaning citizens of the country and not just professional politicians.

The Youth Party strongly believe that political organizations goes beyond just canvassing for votes and winning elections – we must build political consciousness, active citizenship and serve as an
alternate government when not in power. In a political system where everyone criticism is largely based on personalities, the Youth Party believes in the institutional role of political opposition in a healthy
democracy. We are focused on the real issues and how Government policies affect our lives. We believe Nigerians deserve an informed choice and by doing so, we state our positions on important policy questions, especially to provide an alternative to the current position of whichever party is in power and what we would do if elected, which is the aim of this document.

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