Dismissal of Election Petition Against Result of Councillorship Election for Ward A, Eti Osa Local Government

Dismissal of Election Petition Against Result of Councillorship Election for Ward A, Eti Osa Local Government

Whilst we are disappointed with the dismissal of our Petition against the result of the Councillorship Election for Ward A, Eti Osa Local Government by the Lagos State Local Government Election Tribunal, Youth Party wishes to commend the Election Tribunal for discharging it’s duties within reasonable time.

As strong believers in democracy and the rule of law, we will study the judgment and take an informed decision on the way forward after due consultations.

It is however important to state, that while the Tribunal concluded that we were unable to prove our case beyond resonable doubt, it totally ignored the crux of our Petition, which was over voting in many of the polling units, the failure of election to hold in at least two polling units and the systematic disenfranchisement of voters occassioned by the late arrival of election materials and the illegal relocation of several polling units. This we proved beyond reasonable doubt.

Specifically, there were clear evidence of overvoting in atleast 8 polling units (PUs 3,4,5,8,9,10 and 11)of the 16 Polling Units where the number of votes were more than the total number of accredited voters. In polling unit 003 located at 1, Yekini Elegushi Street, Ikate, 139 voters were accredited but 146 voted. In polling unit 004, located at Ikate Primary Health Center, 21 voters were accredited but 98 voted. In polling unit 005, located at the end of Oba Yekini Elegushi street, 241 voters were accredited but 253 voted. In polling unit 011, located at Igbokusu village,142 voters were accredited but 205 voted, Etc. Furthermore, No election election result was recorded for polling units 13 and 14a even on the summary of results used to return APC.

Election started in polling unit 13 at 3:15pm for an election that was meant to end at 3pm after most voters had left. Wrong materials were brought for polling unit 14a. All the above stated facts were uncontroverted. It is our position that the brazen act of electoral malpractice would continue to lead to voters apathy and imperil our hard fought democracy.

Voters turnout in Lagos State is currently less than 10%, which suggests that electorates are losing confidence in the electoral process.

That said, we commend the efforts of our brilliant legal team headed by Mr Yemi Candide-Johnson, S.A.N., and the unflinching support of our party members, supporters and well wishers. We will continue to fight the good fight of shaping a future where every Nigerian can fulfil their true potential.

Finally, we wish to commend our candidate, Mrs Tari Taylaur, who has demonstrated leadership throughout the entire process. She ran a brilliant campaign that connected with people from all strata of society and gave them hope. She’ll be back and even stronger.

The race towards a better Nation remains our unrelenting purpose and we urge every well meaning Nigerians to join this noble cause of Shaping the Future of our great Country.