Invitation For Submission of Memoranda and Position Papers on Job Policy.

Invitation For Submission of Memoranda and Position Papers on Job Policy.

The jobless rate in Nigeria is 33.3% that means 23.2 million Nigerians are out of work. Meanwhile labor supply is growing rapidly both skilled and unskilled, but the demand for labor is shrinking. There are not enough jobs for our young people who are leaving school largely because the capacity to create jobs by different sectors of the economy keep worsening day by day. There is a pressing need to address this ailing situation and boast job creation for our increasing population.

The Youth Party Policy and Strategy Unit created pursuant to Section 66 of the Youth Party’s Constitution and charged with the responsibility of encouraging and coordinating the formulation and development of policy ideas and initiatives within the Party is inviting members of the party to submit memoranda, position papers and policy papers on the various ways jobs can be created within Nigeria.

Submission should cover but are not limited to any of the following core areas:

  1. Diagnosing the barriers to job creation within the existing framework in Nigeria and recommending ways of eliminating these barriers.
  2. Possible fiscal policy measures to be adopted by the government to help boast job creation at multiple levels.
  3. Various incentives that can be pursued by the government to foster job creation at multiple levels in the economy.
  4. Identify sector-specific job creation strategies, including but not limited to the following;
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Infrastructure
  • Finance
  • Justice
  • Agriculture
  • Technology
  • Power
  • Works (construction)
  • Justice
Submission Guideline
  • The Memoranda should be addressed to the Research and Policy Unit, Youth Party
  • All submissions must be sent to 
  • All contributions must be in the form of Word Doc. attached to the email.

Use this format as a guide for submissions:


All submissions must be made on or before Sunday 14th of October 2021.

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