The Youth Party would like to thank our members and supporters for their commitment and support throughout the campaign leading up to the Lagos Local Government Elections that held yesterday, Saturday July 24, 2021.

Our Campaign was crowd funded and blessed with spirited supporters, even in the face of exclusion by LASIEC and INEC. Still, our supporters believe in the expansion of our democratic space and the possibility of a better Nigeria, and that conviction shone brightly.

Although there was no level paying field, our party won comfortably in several polling units. We were excluded from all processes leading to the Election. Supporters that registered to vote after 2018 were excluded from election by administrative fiat. Our votes were suppressed by the late arrival of voting materials, leading many of our voters to leave the polling units without having cast their votes. Materials arrived at 3:15pm for polls that closed at 3pm in some cases. Votes were cast in non-designated locations and inaccessible places including a Royal Palace. In many places, our voters were stopped from voting if they didn’t vote for the ruling Party. Despite all of these challenges, we presented capable and inspiring candidates, who campaigned vigorously and made their presence felt at the voting booth.

There are significant issues with Nigeria’s voting processes, especially for Local Government Elections and many of them were reflected in yesterday’s election. The Youth Party will continue to fight vigorously, at the polling booth and in courts of law, to enforce the rights of Nigerians to participate in the democratic space.

We are proud of our candidates, the campaigns they ran and our efforts at the elections, and grateful for the support of all of you who are passionate about building a better Nigeria and the expansion of the democratic space.

We await the final results of the election, knowing that this is not a sprint but a marathon. And we invite all those who share our vision to join us to shape a great and worthy future for Nigeria

Thank you all for your support.

God bless you and God bless Nigeria.

Tomiwa Aladekomo
National Chair