The Youth Party celebrates Nigeria’s resilience at 63 amid calls for social, political, and economic reforms.

Despite being in a challenging situation, Nigeria remains well-equipped to move forward. For over six decades since gaining independence, the socio-economic conditions of its citizens have remained deplorable. Democracy, much like military rule, has often brought bitterness and several unfulfilled promises. The desired quality of leadership has dwindled, overshadowed by greed and avarice in public service, leaving the average Nigerian in a state of hopelessness.

Unfortunately, the current economic situation does not offer much hope for improving the common man’s living standards.

The battle against criminality, particularly banditry and Boko Haram, persists, leading to skyrocketing unemployment rates and a growing number of internally displaced people in camps. After 63 years of independence, Nigeria’s picture appears gloomy. Political divisions along ethnic and religious lines have been exploited by the elite, further dividing the country and diverting attention from crucial issues.

Despite the slow and often imperceptible progress, it’s important to recognize how Nigerians, especially the youth, have consistently risen above these challenges. They’ve made their voices heard in various fields like music, technology, sports, and literature, promoting the country positively. Young Nigerians have broken records and showcased untapped soft power, often without government support, displaying a remarkable level of patriotism.

While grappling with persistent challenges such as a failing national grid, inflation, and a depreciating currency, the demand for better governance remains crucial. Elections are just one step in the journey to democracy; the quest for good governance is essential for a brighter future.

Hence, the Youth Party celebrates the greatness within all Nigerians, holding onto hope for a better future. We envision a Nigeria that fulfills our dreams and one we proudly pass on to the next generation. Happy Independence Day!