On 17th August 2021, our Party and Mrs. Tari Taylaur, it’s Councillorship Candidate for Ward A, Eti Osa Local Government in the local government election of 24th July, 2021, filed an election petition at the Lagos State Local Government Election Tribunal to dispute the result declared in the election by LASIEC.

The petition was filed by our counsel, Adeyemi Candide-Johnson, SAN, who is leading a team of lawyers to present our case for the cancellation of the discredited election.

You will be aware of multiple widely publicized reports of election malpractices, massive irregularities and substantial non-compliance with extant electoral law. Some of the examples are the following:

  1. Out of the 16 Polling Units earmarked for the election, electoral officers and materials either did not turn up at all or showed up to polling units only very late and after most voters had left.
  2. About 6 polling units were relocated to or around the royal palace in Ikate, and made inaccessible to intending voters.
  3. There was massive intimidation where voters were asked to confirm that they would vote for the ruling Party before they were allowed to vote in 3 polling units in Igbokusu.
  4. Multiple thumb printing by of votes was carried out publicly by agents of the ruling Party.

In summary, there was massive suppression of votes, intimidation, violence and substantial non compliance with the electoral laws.

All these have contributed to massive voters apathy due to lack of confidence in the electoral system as the average turn out at the election was 2.5% of the registered voters. This is putting democracy in peril.

Consequently, we have resolved to pursue this legal battle to the fullest extent of the law to retrieve the stolen mandate of the people and to restore confidence in the electoral process.

It is our expectation that the judges of the electoral tribunals will carry out their function diligently and faithfully to correct the charade of an election which LASIEC conducted in Ward A, Eti Osa Local Government, Lagos State, on Saturday 24th July, 2021. The judiciary is the last hope of the common man.

See Full Election Tribunal Document HERE